Staff Directory

To contact a staff member by phone, please call the office at (714) 663-6253.

Name Title/Position Email Web site
Administrative and Support Staff
Mike Ingalls Principal
Bridget Robinson Secretary
Anthony Estis Boys & Girls Club Lead - (714-663-6253), (71846 from noon until student release), (714-376-7143)
Katy Chang Nurse
Alysia Sample Health Assistant
Joy Ly Liaison (Vietnamese)
Cathy Marquez School Testing Assistant
Georgia English Psychologist
Susan Kim-Cho Speech Pathologist
Stephanie Meyer ASPIRE Lead Social Worker
Elizabeth Kroll Technology Support Specialist
Kimberly Redmond Transitional Kindergarten Teacher
Karen Kassawara Kindergarten Teacher
Carolyn Williams Kindergarten Teacher
Natalie Baker First Grade Teacher
Bridget Reeb First Grade Teacher
Darcy King First & Second Grade Teacher
Melinda Wilkerson Second Grade Teacher
Robyn Roberts Second Grade Teacher (MTSS Coach/SST Coordinator Grades K-2)
Julie Fitzgerald Third Grade Teacher
Teresa Graham Third Grade Teacher
Cynthia Heigis Fourth Grade Teacher
Linda Clark Fourth Grade Teacher
Katy Trinh Fifth Grade Teacher
Ji Kim Fifth Grade Teacher (MTSS Coach/SST Coordinator Grades 3-6)
Janet Padget Sixth Grade Teacher
Leina Whitman Sixth Grade Teacher
Sandy Aitken Special Education Grades TK/K/1/2
Katherine Leith Special Education Grades 3/4
Esther Oh Special Education Grades 5/6
Paco Agredano Instrumental Music
Kari Galeener Kinder/TK (Vocal Music)
Samuel Nunez Grades 1-6 (Vocal Music)
Erin Rivera MTSS TOSA
Lisa Renzo TOSA