Principal's Message

Principal's Message

2019/2020 School Year Principal's Message

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) has been a central focus of our school. Positive behaviors at Faylane are centralized in the acronym “S.O.A.R.” Safety, Ownership, Acceptance and Respect. They embody characteristics we look to discover. Falcon bucks, monthly Falcon Awards, Trimester “U + 2” donut socials, and many other reinforcers are designed to guide toward the positive target. Interventions and Supports likewise direct toward the target. A cadre of mentors, counseling assignments, “Kind Iz Kool” Anti-bullying training and leadership, PAL leaders, Student Success Team efforts to improve attendance, Orange County G.R.I.P. (Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership): All is somehow related to attitude (Goal 2) and academics (Goal 1); virtually ALL of our systems and efforts are aimed toward student success.

GGUSD has three central goals that focus our efforts; Academic Success (Goal #1), Socio-Emotional Well Being (#2), & Future Life Success (#3). PBIS is a system that reaches across all three areas. The engine of the system, it’s driving force, is our people. Parents have become more involved over the past years to encourage their children’s success. They have participated in trainings related to educational success, literacy, developmental assets, technology communication, drug and vaping awareness. Parents have volunteered in School Site Council, English Language Advisory Committees (D/ELAC), PTA, and coming next year, morning greeters for each Faylane student to start each school day with a smile and a warm welcome! I have four kids myself. I have found Faylane parents share my own hopes and concerns: We each want our kids to be well, to do well, and to live far beyond what we were capable of. We are on a road together for the 3 goals of GGUSD success, Faylane style!

Parents and staff seek to do astounding things for such success. Parents convinced me to be a human pie target. If “bullseye” was the aim, then I suppose one could call this venture successful? We held our Walkathon in concert with our Lunch on the Lawn this year: a “Star Wars, May the 4th\ Revenge of the Si(x)th Lunch on the Lawn & Jedi Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser.” Our kids are surrounded by many such Jedi mentors, positive influences to breed positive habits to lead to positive, amazing futures. I
commend our teachers, staff, parents and students for reaching for the “+” sign.

We shall S.O.A.R. great distances together!

Mike Ingalls